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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Ok...these are from last summer and I don't know why I never posted them :(  I am just a bad blogger.

Kennedy Space Center.  I love, love, love all things NASA!  This was  not my first time there, but it was for George and Aidan.  Everything there is facsinating, but the cherry on top...the highlight of my whole summer...was seeing the Shuttle Atlantis in person, in all her heavenly glory.

Before you can see her, you have to watch a short film which was amazing and awe-inspiring.  Then the curtains part and Atlantis is right in front of your eyes.  We all teared up.  It's the stuff dreams are made of.  Definitely my dreams!

It was very special to see her up close like that.  A day, and summer, I'll never forget!

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