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Friday, June 6, 2008

It's a good morning!

I just stepped out of my office, and there was a beautiful creature stretched across the sidewalk...a coral snake! Such a pretty little thing. I got about 3 feet from it, and it decided that was too close and it scurried off into the leaves under an oak tree. I am betting it's the same one I've seen before and he lives in the little hammock area around my office.

I'm happy. It's a good morning!


Anonymous said...

You most likely are correct about where it lives. We have a black runner that lives outback somewhere. The dogs are gone so the animals are returning. This might be the snake that used to live under the shed.

I wish that I was in your shoes this morning to see the corl snake.

misti said...

Cool! :)

I saw a nightmare last night. Damn air potato is coming back on my fence. GRRRRRR!

lisa marie said...

I bet he was beautiful! I probably would have freaked and grabbed my camera and still been freaking and ended up with a blurry pic. :)

exoticdvm said...

Red touches yellow ... you're a dead fellow! Be careful Glades!

Jacki said...

Hi, I thought I'd come and check out your blog! I haven't seen a whole lot of coral snakes in my day, but since I grew up on the Chain of Lakes in Central Florida, I've probably been in close proximity to many!