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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I need cell phone help!

My new cell phone is a Samsung a437. It's the first camera phone I've had. It's cool, I likr it...BUT...can somebody tell me how to send a picture to someone??? I've read through my manual and it's no help.

We made a short trip to Lake Placid and got back last night. We did ALOT of tree trimming and ended up renting a chipper ($150!!!! for 4 hours). I thought we'd end up wiht tons of mulch, but it only amounted to one small pile. The temperature was 97 degrees and we were completely wiped out by the time we were done. Went in and passed out for a couple hours, then loaded up for the drive home. I can now say that I can run a chipper...yeehaw!

There was one funny thing that hub pointed his pole saw to one branch of a hickory tree and said he wanted to cut it. I told him No, I liked that one, he'd trimmed enough and to just stop! (Men with chain saws are dangerous!) Well, he ignored me and cut it. I looked at him at yelled, "Oh, you BASTARD!" then all of a sudden, some water shot up from under the branch. There's a water spigot under that tree and when he cut the branch, it fell on it and broke the pipe. I just looked at him, grinned and said, "KARMA! That was karma, bud!" Our neighbor had been sitting on his porch watching and was cracking up. I went and turned the water off while the two of them searched through a box of pvc the neighbor had so they could repair the pipe. In minutes all was fixed. Except for the hickory tree that is minus what was one very nice and shady limb.

Well, we're off to do some caching with a couple friends up in Doral. Hope everyone has a great weeked!

And a BIG SHOUT OUT to Marc and Eliana (see link to their blog on the right)!!! Hope everything's going well so far. I'll read the latest on your blog later tonight. Have fun guys and be safe! Oh, and yes, Dr. Kramer...I know without a doubt what is a coral snake and what isn't. I know they are the most venomous snake in North America. I also know they are shy, non-aggressive, rear-fanged members of the cobra family. I will never try to handle one,so don't worry! But I am in awe of their beauty. I do not fear them, but respect them ALOT) :)


Floridacracker said...

We do get crazy with chainsaws sometimes.
Hope your caching went well.

lisa marie said...

Sorry, but I think, now I oculd be wrong, (I have Sprint) I think you have to be signed up for the internet thing on your phone to send a photo.