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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just another post

So, here it is, payday, and stil no computer. A big thanks to my son for letting me borrow his laptop from time to time.

Today I had an appointment to see my brain doctor. I love seeing him. It's the most painless, quick and easy doctor's appointment I could ever have. All he does is make me hop on each foot, then he checks my reflexes, makes me follow his pen with my eyes, then says, "Ok, you're fine! See you in 4 months!". Well, I knew before going that I was fine. I mean, no one's a better judge of how I feel that I am! Dr. Z told me next time, I'll be seeing a new doctor he's brought into his practice. He spoke highly of him and said that he is trying to get all of his new patients and patients with no problems switched over to him. I don't mind. Dr. Z will still be there, so if I really don't like the new doc, I'll say so and switch back, dammit!

Anyway, I left his office in Coral Gables and made the long trip to Homestead where I work. I drove slow. I got lunch. I stopped and shopped at Walgreens. I went to the post office. Hey, I told my boss I'd be in at lunchtime...I made it into the office at 11:10, only because I ran out of stuff to do. SO I went in and sat at my crappy work computer and caught up on my emails and did some house hunting for a friend.

I have to tell you about my boss. She is a nice boss and is very fair. No complaints...except...she sings. And hums. And whistles. Alot and loudly. I'm not talking current music. Yesterday she sang "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" several times, like a lounge singer. Then later she started humming "There She is, Miss America".

I slowly reached up and turned the volume up on my radio. She only hummed louder. My blood pressure rose. I started banging at the keyboard quite hard and loud. I sighed loud. She kept humming. I went into the bathroom and mouthed a very loud scream. It helped a little. As soon as I got into my car, I cranked up 93 Rock full volume and tore out of the parking lot. I doubt she could hear me. I'm sure she was singing.... My theory is she just likes to hear her own voice.

My new cell phone has an audio recording button. hehehe...I may use it and post it so you can hear what I have to deal with literally every day.

Anybody out there watching "So You Think You Can Dance"? I'm so hooked on that show. Probably because I can't dance. Texas Two-Step and the Cotton-Eyed Joe and that's it.

Somebody help me!


lisa marie said...

Maybe she just want you to compliment her. :) That would drive me batty too!

My mom always says when she sees her brain doctor she waits for the chicken's foot to come out as she feels like she's seeing a voodoo doc. :)

Marc said...

Super funny about the hummer! Thanks for a laugh! P.S. We're writing you while ripping a free WiFi signal at a Holiday Inn. Heehee!