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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Trees of Girtyland

Our yard here in PA has so many trees that I really have no clue what they are.  No slash pines, live oaks or cabbage palms here!  So one day I decided to take a picture of all the big trees and get George to tell me what they all are.  So here they are:

Alaskan Cedar
 Atlas Cedar
 Bald Cypress (Yeah, the only one I knew in the yard!)
 Colorado Spruce
 Contorted White Pine
 Douglas Fir
 Dwarf Alberta Spruce
 Hoopsi Spruce
Leucodemis Pine
 Mugho Pine
 Silver Locke Fir
 Weeping Norway Spruce
 White Pine

I am still having a hard time telling a spruce from a pine.  To me they're all "Christmas Trees"!  They're all beautiful and quite different.  Some are kind of rare and some are super common.  The biggest trees in our yard are Black Locusts.  No pictures of them.  Right now they all look dead, but soon the leaves will start to pop and before you know it, they'll be all green and pretty again.  They are the slowest trees in the yard to reemerge after winter.

I'll have to take some pictures of all the smaller bushes and odd trees we have and post them soon.  The flowers are starting to pop all around and everything is so pretty!  Just waiting for the peonies and rhodendrons to start blooming.  They are gorgeous!


Misti said...

I'm the same with spruce and pines! Probably because we grew up in the land of only pine trees.

Chris will love the weeping cedar. One of our local nurseries has an espelier (sp?) atlas cedar. Way cool!

Does your locust have spines yet?

SwampAngel65 said...

What are spines??? Hahaha! No sprouts yet or anything. They are SO slow.

Sayre said...

I love the contorted white pine! The needles are very expressive.

I found myself in the same spot when I moved to Oklahoma - very different flora than Florida.