You can take the GRITS out of Florida, but you can't take Florida out of the GRITS!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

on my mind...

I know. I haven't written anything in over a year, but it's hard to write in a Florida Journal when I no longer live in Florida,  But tonight I'm sitting here thinking about things.  Things that have been pissing me off.

Like the archaic laws in PA. Liquor laws that are insane.  Taxes through the roof.  Taxes of ecigs, which a friend of mine started a business making vaping liquids for and now she's closing shop because of taxes that shouldn't even be.  Common Core math.  State Income Tax.  And "townships". WTF are they about and why do they even exist???  Price control over MILK for God's sake!!!

Colds.  Colds suck.

Hospice is a joke.

In-Laws (some of them) suck.

Trying to help someone who then blows you off, despite having spent time and money on them, because they obviously don't think you're smart enough to handle it and they'd rather pay someone  to do what you were going to do for free, SUCKS.

Wanting to paint and not being able to sucks.

Having a 12 year old with a rotten attitude sucks,

Being 1200 miles away from my oldest son SUCKS.

MS sucks.

Having no money sucks.

Being tired all the time sucks.

Don't get me wrong!  I am so thankful for what I have and the people I have in my life!  I am blessed.

But sometimes the suckiness pushes it's way to the front.  I know eventually, it will creep back into the dark recesses of my life, but right now, I'm dealing with it daily.  I'm tired of it.

Guess that's all. Just needed to vent a little.  I'll go back under my rock now, but hopefully I'll resurface again with some fun pics or something...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

That time of year again

It's summer, and what do we do in the summer?  Go to Florida!

Sam flew up to PA so he could make the drive back with me and Aidan.  It really makes a huge difference having him with me.  We left on a Saturday and spent 2 nights on the road, Statesville, NC and Yulee, FL.  Yes,  we couldve done it only spending one night out, but my eyes get tired and I just get sick of being in the car. Aidan loves being able to swim for a while in the hotel pool anyway, and it gives us time to eat a good dinner and explore a little. 

I always thought Statesville was kind of scummy, but boy was I wrong!  We checked out the historic downtown area and it's so cool!  The pictures do not do it justice...beautiful town with gorgeous homes.

I'll post more's after midnight and I need to get some sleep :)

Peace Out!

Friday, January 23, 2015

This 'n That

So here it is, January 2015.  So far, this has been a quite year.  All 23 days of it ;)  We drove down to Florida for Christmas and came back in time to jump in the Yough on January 1st (once again, Aidan chickened out).

Christmas was great, though the kids had conflicting schedules and didn't get to see each other except for a few minutes at the Starbucks where Sam works.  I'll have to make sure that doesn't happen again as I know both were not too happy about that.

Before heading to Lake Placid, I wanted to stop once again in Hatchbend to look for my Great Great Grandpa's grave.  With the help of Google Earth and another website, I FINALLY FOUND IT!  I am still quite perplexed as to why he's buried in a cemetery with no other relatives, when there are at least 3 in the town that have some kin planted in them.  Anyway, so happy to have finally found your final resting place, Grandpa!

Goofus tried to climb over the fence and got stuck
We also found 3 new Springs for our list:

Branford Springs (I'd obviously seen this one before).  Pretty, but you can tell not the healthiest of springs.

Troy Springs is probably a much prettier place when there aren't thunderstorms and rain.

Divers getting ready to do the caves

Ruth Springs was unexpected.  A little tricky to get to, no signs or anything.  Again, I think if the weather had been nicer, the spring itself would've looked nicer.

The weather was warm. George went fishing with Rusty.  He didn't catch a fish and managed to lose one of his Croc's.  I didn't shed a tear over the loss, but I think George did.  He also managed to take the kayak out at the end of our street and paddle around Lake Francis for a while.

We saw downtown Sebring decked out in it's usual Christmas decorations.

We got to spend a little time with a good friend.

And we met up with my sister and her husband for lunch at Don Jose's (VERY good place!).

We also got to finally meet my cousin, Rob for the first time.  He's a super nice guy and funny, too!  He told us tales of living in Australia and different things about his job.  So, so glad to finally meet him in person.  And he's a real cousin, too!  Not a second or a third, but a first cousin, so it was very special getting to know him a bit.
A few random pics from our trip...

As we headed home, I got a text from a friend who asked about camping places in Highlands County.  They were going to be up there for a few days doing some hiking and canoeing (or was it kayaking?).  I offered them our place if they couldn't find any camping spots.  Well, they camped one night at Fisheating Creek, but it was a bit noisy for them, so they ended up camping out in our front yard.  I'm sure that put some weird thoughts in our neighbor's heads, but ya know what?  WHO CARES?!?!

So Happy New Year, everyone!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Finished Summer Project

Well, now I'm back in Bethel Park after spending over a month in Lake Placid.  We had a great summer filled with family, friends, swimming and exploring.  It was also a sad summer.  One of my dear friends passed away in July and I can say that I'm glad I was there for his wife.  If I helped her in any way, I'm glad. Sue, I love you and am always a phone call away!

I finished the tiling project.  I think I did an ok job.  Not perfect, but 1000 times better than the old floor.

And I also replaced the cushions on my old handmade couch.  It looks SO much better now!

But, let's got back the the beginning of this summer's adventure.  Aidan and I left PA and headed to Tennessee to meet up with Lois, who was going to drive with us down to Florida.  We spent a couple days in Spring City, TN...a town with few redeeming qualities.

 We did get a few caches...

 ...and Aidan got to go swimming in a lake near the power plant where Lois works (for now).

Once we hit Florida, my first order of business was to repair my great grandfather's tombstone, which I was told by a distant cousin had a few pieces broken off.  With Lois's help, I think it should hold us for at least a few more years.

After Hatchbend, we headed to DeLeon Springs, where Lois has a house with her brother and his wife.  We went to the Reptile Discovery Center in Deland and had a great time watching them milk several venomous snakes.

Then we went to the Naval Air Museum at the airport in Deland.  It was fun and interesting!

Next stop was Lake Placid!

Sunset on Lake Persimmon

Istokpoga canal

Aidan, Sam and Britt at Highlands Hammock SP

Storm moving in over the orange groves near Lake Apthorpe

Eva surprised Mom with a visit!

Little black racer on the porch

Highlands Gun Club. Shooting with my sister and her husband

Love this beautiful cow!  South of 70 near Archbold Biological Station

Gatorama with Aidan and BG

Swimming at Lake June

Caching with Sue and Lois

Another sunset.  This one was out at the Royce Unit of the Lake Wales Ridge

Baby cardinal.  Sadly, he didn't make it :(

Fort Meade with Sam

In search of the bird circles in Lake Placid

My home away from home.  It's actually going to be ours soon!  My sister finally decided to sign it over to us.  Yay!!!

George at Lake Francis

Big old battle scarred gator at Highlands Hammock

We did it!  We tubed on the Ichetucknee River!!!

All in all, I'd say we had a pretty good summer!