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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creatures of the Night

We have a trail camera that we move around the yard, trying to find the one sport that seems to catch the most animal activity.  Deer, rabbits, raccoons...the same critters that you find in Florida and most of the country.  I think we finally got it right by buying some feed corn and placing the camera about 10 feet away from it.  We also bought a salt/mineral lick and covered it with molasses, but so far, no one has shown any interest in it.

The first night we had the corn out, 3 does and 1 buck showed up at various times throughout the night.

After school, Aidan went out to get the bucket and add more corn.  He also spread some around in the grass.

The first visitor showed up around 1:30am...

...then he got chased off when the 3 ladies showed up.

Not long after, the bandit returned.  At least one of the does decided he wasn't a threat and hung around to keep eating with him.

The raccoon kept coming and going, then another one showed up.  The guy on the right doesn't look very happy!  Guess his mama didn't teach him about sharing...

I have over 300 pictures from last night.  About equal deer-raccoon activity.  I think tonight I'll try setting it on video and see how that goes.  We may not have a huge variety of animals right now with the cold weather, but it sure is fun pulling the card out, plugging it into the computer and seeing what went on in our yard overnight!


SophieMae said...

Oh, do! I typed a comment, then realized I'm not logged in. Forgot my p'word. It's saved in the other browser. Anyhow, the nutshell version... I gotta get one of those cameras. Haven't seen our deer since Duller gave 'Mount Septic' a crew cut. Your coon needs to go on a diet, lol! Can't wait to see what you discover next!

Sayre said...

I wonder what fun stuff you'll get on your camera this summer?