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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Changes in Latitude

We went down to Florida for Christmas.  It was weird not being able to go "home" Florida home is now our place in Lake Placid and it was nice being able to spend some time there and get a few things done that had been needing to be done for a long time.

We flew into FLL on Christmas Eve and spent the night with my best friend, Lois.  Aidan got to spend the night with his father. We finally got to see Sam's apartment, which is really cute and has way more space than he kept saying.  That night, Lois had to work, so we took Sam out to dinner at one of the few places open, a really killer Thai restaurant that none of us had been to before.  It may have been an odd Christmas Eve dinner, but it was SO good!

Christmas morning, we went to IHOP with Lois and the place was PACKED!  Then we dropped Sam off, picked Aidan up and headed to Lake Placid and Okeechobee.  After unloading our stuff in LP, we made the 45 minute trip over to Okee to have Christmas dinner with my mom, sister and brother in law.  Sam even managed to drive up on his own.  It was great being all together.

The next day, Sam drove back to Miami complaining of a really sore throat.  Turns out he had strep throat.  Poor guy...I don't know how many trips over to his apartment we made to check on him.  He had a raging temperature and just felt awful.

I forgot to mention that since I no longer have a vehicle down there, Lois had let us borrow her car.  She walked to the Turkey Point bus stop and rode in on the bus.  A 3 mile walk.  Thankfully she got rides home with a co worker who also lives in her subdivision.  I swore to her the next time she comes up here, she won't be renting a car, but using mine!

We had to fly back to Pittsburgh New Year's Eve so we could be there for the Polar Bear Plunge in Connellsville.

Yes, we went from this: this:

(This post is very late...I started it, then forgot about it!)

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SophieMae said...

BRRRR!!!! I'm cold enough down here! Don't EVEN wanna be snowed on!

Good to know I'm not the only one who starts things and forgets to finish. 8-}