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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meet The Doctor and Luna

A few weeks ago, we stopped by the Western PA Humane Society to check out the cats.  We didn't go in saying "We are going to adopt.", but rather we'd see if any of the cats there spoke to our hearts.  If none did, then we'd go home and come back in a few more weeks.

ALL the cats and kittens there were adorable.  I didn't care if it was a full grown cat or a kitten, just that we made a "connection" of sorts.  All 3 of us fell for different cats.  Aidan loved a cute white kitten, George was enamored with a little calico and I was taken hook line and sinker by a cat they called Ringtail.  I held him and he just leaned into me.  He loved being petted.  He was quiet but spoke volumes with his big eyes.  Not to say I got my way...but...Ringtail came home with us that day.

We renamed him The Doctor (Doc for short).  He has been a constant joy ever since that day.

They say he was born on 9-11-11, so he's not quite full grown, but in that lanky teenage phase.  He plays, he purrs, he comes when we call him.  He sleeps in bed with us.  He attacks our feet under the covers.  And when he is full of it, he runs around the house sounding like he is a 500lb. tiger!  

A couple weeks went by and George was still talking about the little crazy calico.  We decided if she was still there we would adopt her, too.  I called and yes, she was still there, but had a cold and was in isolation.  They said to call the following week to see how she was doing and if she was cleared to go yet.  So we waited a week and called back - yes, she was fine and could be adopted a couple days later once she'd been spayed!

The 3 of us went back up to Elizabeth, PA where the shelter is.  They went back and got her and boy, was she still full of piss and vinegar - hissing and all claws.  The poor little thing was 5 months old and had had a rough start.  She had been found at a bus stop, taped shut in a small box. Thank God someone heard her meows and brought her to the Humane Society.  I just kept saying "with a lot of love and a lot of patience, I bet she'll be just fine!"

I was right.  "Luna" is such a munchkin!  I can hold her now and pet her (though she really doesn't care much for that kinda stuff).  She loves to bite my hand but her claws never come out.  Where Doc is a climber, Luna is a down-to-earth gal.  They chase each other around the house and just have all kinds of fun.  Oh, and you should hear the trouble they get into at night!  For a decent night's sleep, I have to lock the Lunatic in Aidan's room with him, where she sleeps most of the night.  Doc still attacks our feet in the middle of the night, but that's ok.  It always makes me laugh.

I am so happy we decided to visit the shelter that day!

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Diane said...

He will be happy with you.