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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Whiplash is real

Yesterday morning I wrecked my car. The entire front is crunched in. The amazing thing is the airbag didn't deploy and no glass broke. I walked away without one single scratch...but I do now have a colorful bruise on my chest from the seatbelt and am SO SORE!

So my Toy Yoda is history. I am actually seriously thinking about buying a Chevy S10 4X4 that belongs to a friend's son (he wants a bigger truck). I checked it out briefly tonight and it looks looks just like a truck a 19 year old kid would own! It's actually pretty cool and I do like it alot. Once I find out ho0w much $ I'll be getting from my insurance company, I'll go take it for a test drive. I can already see myself driving down Jane's Scenic in it...big knobby tires and about 6 feet off the ground...YeeHAW!

Ok...on a more serious note. I have a predicament. At least I think it could be a predicament. The cause of the accident...was it actually me, or was it the 18 year old kid driving the big Dodge Ram? Right before impact, I remember thinking "My God, that truck just ran a red light!!!" But the kid swears he had a green arrow...I have thought about it almost constantly since it happened, but I cannot get a clear, positive memory of that light. I have never blown a red light. I am a careful driver. Could I have actually run that light? Or is the kid full of shit? It is bothering me so much, but I refuse to say "yes, I ran it" when I am not 100% sure I did.

This kid's mom...oh, what a piece of work she was...I heard her telling the cop, "Look at her! It's so obvious she's sleepy. You can tell she's tired!" WTF woman! I just totalled my car! I am shaken up! I am feeling a bit nauseous! Yes, I am sitting on the curb with my head in my hands! SHUT UP! I bit my tongue and said nothing. THEN, she comes up to me and says, "Why cn't you do the Christian thing and just tell the cop you ran the red light?" Again I say WTF???? I camly told her that if I truly knew I ran it, I would. But I could not's like there is a blank space there. I am not going to say someting just to make her happy! Well, she was pissed and walked away. She never once bothered to ask me how I was, though I certainly asked her son how he was. BTW, she was not involved in the accident, but showed up about 5 minutes after the fact.

The Trooper has the report down as us having "conflicting statements". My fear is that this woman will try to sue me. I have nothing worth any money. I have a crappy dinky job, do not own my home, own no property...what good would it do? Her son's truck was damaged, but is definitely repairable whereas my Yoda is a total loss.

So on top of the aches, I have this awful feeling of impending doom in the pit of my stomach. Any advice out there? Has anyone been in this situation before? I have been in accidents before, but never with someone as snotty and hateful as her (and she wasn't even involved!). The accidents were never my fault (honest!) and my first concerns were always the wellbeing of the other person involved. How could this woman want me to act Christian when she was acting so far from Christian that day?

Well, time for another Percocet. Whiplash sure is real and I sure am sore...send me some good karma, well wishes and prayers. I think I'm in for a bumpy ride.


Island Rider said...

Was this an intersection with a video camera? Were there other people around who might testify? Or could you run an ad in the paper if no one stopped asking if anyone saw the accident? If you can't get any answers that way, I would think about this: how long have you been driving with no accidents or at least no memory blank outs while the kid has been driving only three years and doesn't have as much experieince. You can also run a traffic report on his name on your county website to see if he has been in any other accidents or has speeding tickets or red light violations. I hope you can get some peace about it.

SophieMae said...

Well, good grief! She wasn't there... how does she know her son is telling the truth? Or that HE remembers for sure? Don't worry about her suing. That's what the insurance company's lawyers are for. Duller was involved in an accident that was actually his fault and he never had to go to court. Of course the other people involved were all fine until they had a while to think about it and realize they'd struck gold. >:\

You were wise to keep your cool. The officer writing the report notices these things and knows whose story has more weight.

Praying for your speedy recovery and exoneration.

Alan said...

When I'm not hanging out in nature, my day job is a counselor. And what you are saying about not remembering the light is all too common in traumas like this. In fact, cops have been known to unduly influence a person to remember what didn't happen. And then, if and when, the truth comes out, the person stands up for cop or flatly denies that the truth ever happened.

Sorry about this. Hope your car was fully insured.

Beckie said...

Do not give in if you're not sure. I think your biggest clue was the thought you had immediately before the wreck.

Take care of yourself - I bet you're sore today. Take care.

scg said...

Based on what you have said I would stick to my guns. Given a choice between an experience adult driver and an 18 year old - I would bet a paycheck it was the 18 year old who blew the light. Go with your first impression.

The mother will probably try to sue but your insurance company should take care of that. There isn't much control you have in that, so worrying about it isn't going to help. Just let God handle that one.

You may need to get checked out real good at the doctor's office. These accidents have a tendency to bounce your bones and disks about, and unless treated well now it could back to haunt you in a big way years later.Trust me on that one. A little MD care now might prevent a more serious issue yeas later.

Be thankful you survived without other injuries, and being a truck owner myself, I would go for the 4x4.

Good luck!