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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Renaissance Festival ~ Virginia Key

A friend of mine invited me and my littlest one to the Renaissance Festival on Virginia Key. I hadn't been to one since 1985, so I was willing to go! One of the first things we had to to do was see the "Wishing Well Wenches"...

My friend got picked by them to do something to "win" a flower to give to his lady fair.

He had to put on these underwear and yell...

"In my MAN PANTS, I can do ANYTHING!!!!"

Gotta love men in kilts!

Had to catch the next show by the Wenches, Esther and Dotty

OB scored big brownie points my getting both the lovely wenches a cup of beer. They enjoyed them...drinking them quickly and slopily then even licking the cups. Ahhh, those wenches!

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