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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everything Old is New Again

Ok, well not everything, but my brand new lawnmower.

No gas needed, no air filters to get clogged, no need to check the oil and no noise! I LOVE IT!!!


ChrisC and JonJ said...

I want to believe we're as green as we can be,but I ain't doin' that!Did it too much as a kid.I may be Al Gore's worst nightmare,but give me self-propelled,gas powered any time.Especially here in Florida,in the summertime.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Does it really work as well as a regular mower? I'm curious to see how well it does. Keep us posted!

Sayre said...

I WANT ONE! My cousin found an old one under her house when she moved in and uses it! Or rather her teenaged son does - and he likes it!

Is that NEW? Can I go to Sears and get one?

SwampAngel65 said...

YES it is brand new. My Mom actually had to order it at Sears because they were SOLD OUT! Home Depot also sells them, but everytime I've gone to look at them, they are sold out, too.

I cut about half the backyard this evening and it was so easy! I swear it's easier than my regular mower. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't get the taller tall tassle flowers. I went over and over it at different angles and it just wouldn't cut it. Weed eating is still a must, though. But overall, I think it's the best thing!

CHEF TROLL said...

Excellent. I use mine about 90% of the time. The old gasser is strictly a back-up plan.

The best thing Al Gore could do for the environment and the World is to SHUT UP and lose 100 pounds.

exoticdvm said...

Everything right is wrong again! Wow, if it really works, then chop away!

scg said...

My friend bought one several months ago and loves it!