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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brisket the Bull...the final chapter?

Back on Feb. 9th, I posted about "Brisket" the wayward Brahman bull that wandered onto our property at work. We thought he was long gone after that post, but on Feb. 17th, he showed up again...and this time Animal Services (followed by Animal Planet) were actually prepared to catch him.

By the time I got out to ground zero, they had Brisket tranqued. It wasn't easy moving him out of the pine rockland, but they did it.

The cameras were rolling as he got to his feet. Right after I took this shot, he got a little spunky and decided to charge. We all ran in different directions to get out of his way, but thankfully, the guys from Animals Svcs. had a tight hold on the rope.

He was stilled a bit dopey and allowed a couple folks to get closer to him.

We had to wait for a trailer from the SPCA to arrive, so decided to move him into a shady spot. He didn't want to cooperate.

Finally, the guys got him as far as he would go. Brisket decided to rest for a while...still groggy. If you click here: You can see a picture of the woman on the far right, Kathy, and also see if you can find out when this episode will air. The producer (the woman in the turquoise and long sleeve shirt below) had no idea when it will be on, so keep your eyes open for it! You might even see me!!

He was a cutie! They estimated his age to be 12-14 months and weighing about 450lbs.

That's Lily, our naturalist, giving him some water.

This guy did ALOT of the work and gave some blood, too.

More filming!

They finally decided to tie him to two trees across the path from each other so he couldn't get lose, and no one had to hold on to him.

I don't think Brisket had warm fuzzies for this guy!

Finally, the trailer arrived, but now they had to get him over to the parking lot. The chase was on!
Everyone tried not to get in front o fhim as we were told that he would NOT follow anyone, so it was like a game of guided chase. Brisket was not amused.

When a bull doesn't want to move, you can't make him move!

Finally up to the to get him in!

I didn't know you could steer a cow by pulling on their tail. Ya learn something everday!


Now Brisket will be up for auction. I hope someone buys him who appreciates him for what he is...not what he could be... *gulp*!


Sandcastle Momma said...

Those are great shots! Only in Miami LOL
I hope Brisket goes to a good home although there was one shot of his side that seriously made me think of a rib-eye LOL

Sayre said...

Poor Brisket. He certainly could use a little meat on his bones (in a good way, not so that we can eat HIM!).

ChrisC and JonJ said...

I'm thinkin' T-bones.LOL.
Seriously,tho,who owned him?Why didn't they watch out for him?Poor baby......I hope he goes to someone who appreciated his wanderlust nature.

SophieMae said...

Aaaaawwwwwww, poor little thing! If I lived closer, I'd give him a home. You got some great shots! Wish I still had satellite so I couls see... the rest of the story.

Olive said...

These are great photos Chris. It's too bad that the shots had to be under these circumstances. I feel for Brisket!

exoticdvm said...

What did they use to tranquilize him? Curious as to whether they chose a blowgun, pistol, or rifle -- and what drug. He could definitely use some fattening up before he lives up to his name! Hope he becomes a pet instead of a dinner entree! Let us know when the segment airs on Animal Planet!!!