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Sunday, February 8, 2009

And next on Animal Planet: How Not to Catch a Bull!

A couple day ago at work, my boss discovered a young bull on our property. It was elusive, though, and only made appearances at dusk. It took two days before I finally saw him, and I'd been making several stealthy treks down our trails in search of him.

To make a long story short, he left our property and entered an agricultural field behind us. Not wanting him to get hurt, we herded him back onto our land. Yay! My first try at cow herding and I did good!

However, after he was back "home" he disappeared again...a couple hours later, he was spotted in a small clearing in the woods. I positioned myself at one end of the opening, and a co-wroker at the other. My boss was going to get some fencing barricades while we kept him in the area. Twice the bull, let's call him "Brisket" tried to get past me, but I shouted and waved my arms and spooked him back into the clearing. He popped out for a third try, looked at me...then looked over at my co-worker...and...decided he'd just run past her. Which he did.

We never saw him again. How a bull can totally disappear just amazes me, but this one is the king of camo and blending in.

Animal Services finally decided to grace us with their presence after SEVERAL phone calls. They had a small film crew from Animal Planet with them. They very noisily went off in search of our bovine friend while my boss and I looked on in disbelief. If one or two stealthy people couldn't find him, how in the heck are 7 noisy people going to???

After a very small and discouraging search effort, they "regrouped" in front of our office...

They look like they really cared about catching that cow...

They informed us that at sundown they had to quit since Animal Planet couldn't film them at night. So, excuse me, but because a film crew is following you, you can't DO YOUR JOB?!?!!

For future reference: If you ever see a stray cow in Dade County, don't bother calling for help. Just use common sense and some friends and round the damn thing up yourself. I guarantee you'll be more successful.
And Brisket...wherever life has taken you... via con Dios, mi amigo...via con Dios!


Anonymous said...

I think I am a bit dismayed at your decision to name him Brisket!

Anonymous said...
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SwampAngel65 said...

Blame was her idea.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm still chuckling over the mental picture of you trying to scare that bull LOL
I'm surprised the Animal Planet people weren't more enthused about catching him. That would have made interesting tv. Doesn't look like they wanted to work too hard. It seems that Brisket is free to roam Miami for another day.

exoticdvm said...

So did you guys catch the nocturnal ungulate? Brisket is a great name!