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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Visit with Santa

My friend Sandcastle Momma has a post about seeing Santa at BassPro Shop. Well, we took Aidan to BassPro to see Santa over a week ago and I completely forgot to post the picture! So, here it is...

Now Ann did a much better job and posted lots of pictures that show how really wonderful the whole set up is. Eventhough we went to two different BassPro's, the main loook is the same. So if you just pop over to her place, you can see basically the same things we saw. (Stupid me didn't think of bringing a camera, d'oh!). It is much more elaborate than any Mall Santa set up ever could is just beautiful. Plus, when we went, it wasn't crowded at all! 2 kids in front of Aidan and 2 after him. Santa was able to take the time to really talk with him and listen to what he said. I think it was very special.

Oh, and what was the numero uno thing that Aidan asked Santa for?

"A big, big kitchen!!!"

"A big, big kitchen? If I bring you one, you have to promise to bake me lots of cookies!"

"Ok, sure. I will. I promise."

I think it caught ole Santa a little off guard, but hey...I think there is not one thing wrong with a male wanting to cook. In fact, I think it is wonderful!

Yes, I think he is going to become a world-class chef one day. Watch out Gordon Ramsey!


And while it's there, click on the link on the left about Burger King creating a meat scented body spray. That is just wrong on so many levels...


Sandcastle Momma said...

Isn't BPS the best place ever? LOL
Ours wasn't crowded either and it sure beat standing in an hour long line for a 2 second visit at the mall.
Aidan looks so cute! That's cool that he wants to be a chef. The Island King always says he wishes he'd have become a chef. Tell Aidan that one day the girls will like that he can cook!

misti said...

When you emailed the photo I thought it was so cute! he fits right in with Bass Pro! ;)

exoticdvm said...

Thanks for the interesting Burger King link! How bizarre! Happy holidays to you guys!

Anonymous said...

A naked cartoon burger king reclining in front of a fireplace hawking a fragrance called "Flame" that ostensibly smells like meat will surely earn the worst marketing idea ever award. Not sure whether it seems more homoerotic or pedophilliac. Or both. Bad idea poorly executed.