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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm featured!

I found out today that my silly little blog has been featured on Stu's Views and MS Related News by Stuart Schlossman. Stu is a powerhouse of information on MS. He seems to have so many different things going, I don't know how he stays on top of it all! If you ever want to know the latest research being done for MS, check out Stu's sites. I feel like a cheat since I rarely mention my MS on my blog. The truth is, I have been really lucky so far in that since my diagnosis, nothing has more happened. I take my shot everyday and it seems to be keeping the lesions away! I'm sure when / if something more happens, it'll be plastered all over this blog. But until that time comes, I live my life like I don't have a disease. I do what I want with no restrictions or limitations (unless you call a whiney, cranky four-year old a restriction!).

So if you happen to have MS or know someone who does (and I bet everyone out there knows someone with it. It seems to be becoming more and more common), check out Stu's Views! He can be a very helpful.


IamwhoIam said...

hope never to see the news and no holes

Sandcastle Momma said...

Maybe it's the fact that your blog shows you living your life and not letting MS bring you down emotionally. That's very inspiring you know!

Oh, and you're interesting too LOL