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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Excuse my experimentation

I took that header picture today at work. It's a Royal Poinciana blossom. I think it looks tres cool, but this stupid layout is giving me one helluva time with it! It refuses to be centered, that's why it's way over to the left like it is.

As much as I have grown to love this layout, I may be changing it soon (again). I don't want to change it because re-adding all my links and widgets is a real PITA. I may just keep playing with the picture until I figure out how to get it just right.

In the meantime, ignore the off-centeredness and wrong-sizeness of anything in the header section of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Keep at it! You will eventually get it the way you want it. See it in your imagination than make it work.

SophieMae said...

Centered or not, that's a beautiful flower! I SOOOOOOOO miss the tropical end of Flarda!

IamwhoIam said...

I still hate the dot back ground it take forever to down load and is just as ugly as sin - Wouldn't have know the poinciana was a photo if you hadn't said so, but enjoy your trials.

lisaschaos said...

You're too funny. I think it looks fine but you have it fixed now.

SwampAngel65 said...

I've changed the header about 4 times since last night. I think I'll stick with the one that's up least for a little while ;)