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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Man with the Hat and an Odd Bird

We finally got to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. My SIL took the baby this morning, so the hub, Thing 1 and I decided to finally go to the movies and see this one. It was worth it. I loved every moment of it. And the ending was was what I've always wanted to see happen. But, I am a hardcore Indy fan, so it could've been two hours of Indy staring at a blank wall and I would've been happy.

If you love Indiana Jones, go see it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Now...on to a mystery my hub came across last weekend while at work. He and a coworker saw a strange bird that neither had seen before. He called me up and described it, but I couldn't find anything like it in any of my bird books. Definitely not native! I even asked my friend Exoticdvm if he had any ideas, and he didn't even know.

So today, after we bought the movie tickets, we had time to kill and stepped into the next door Barnes & Noble, where I went to the bird book area. I grabbed one on African birds and thumbed through it. I stopped when I came across a picture that looked like what my hub described. I showed him, and he said, "Yes! That's the bird!" A Ross's Turaco from Africa. Now. WTH is a bird like that doing loose in Coral Gables? Some rich person must've gotten careless one day and it flew the coop! I think they are expensive, so I told the hub if he saw it again to try to catch it. Maybe we could be nice and donate it to the zoo or something. IF he ever sees it again and IF we could get lucky enough to catch it. I'm not holding my breath.

The picture below is one I "stole" off the internet. I just wanted you guys to see what it looked like without googling for yourself. If the owner of the pic gets pissed, my apologoes and I'll delete it ;)


Anonymous said...

I have a cage at home that would dress this fellow up real well.

SwampAngel65 said... do I, but I think selling him for a few grand would be even nicer!

lisa marie said...

Cool bird! It must have been so cool to see in person! I hope he flies into your yard and begs to come in. :)

Thank you for all your kind words. I feel like I know you too. XO

Anonymous said...

It looks like a Lady Ross's Turaco. NOT a native species at all!'_Turaco

Anonymous said...

obviously I was so excited to be able to ID something I didn't read the whole post to realize you had already ID'd it

SwampAngel65 said...

Dang, Jen! That was a great ID though!...Marc couldn't get it from the description. I'm sure if he saw the picture he would've known.