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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My thumb is turning green!

I have lots of watermelons sprouting up! And a squash! Yes, only one right now, but LOTS more waiting to pop. I am so excited!

And some little maters.

My neighbor, who doesn't live there anymore, has quite a few mangos...would it be wrong of me to swipe a few when they're ripe?

There is some kind of "wine club" that just opened in the strip mall near my house. We saw this parked in from of it yesterday. That umbrella is mounted in the back of the "truck". Unusual!

As an added bonus, we present SwampAngel's "So He Thinks He Can Dance!"


Sandcastle Momma said...

Your veggies are gonna be good! I miss mangos right off the tree. When we lived in Miami we had a mango tree in our yard and I sat out there one afternoon and literally ate myself sick LOL Have tried making mango milkshakes? They are SO good. I love the video! He's so cute. If I were about 40 years younger I'd be after that boy LOL

Anonymous said...

Why are you mellon not on a mound? If the lady was still alive would she give you a few mango, my bet is yes, so I see no moral issues with getting a few. No pants the child has no pants on. But he is cute with his little toothless smile. Party night to night?

SophieMae said...

DAWG! We have GOT to find Duller a job further south. Those mangoes... I saw some when I went home last year, but couldn't get quite close enough to snitch one.

I was gonna take pics of my honeydew and cantaloupe sprouts today, but it's dark and stormy ot there. Done disconnected me 3-4 times.

Hey, your little muggle-biter's got some moves! Enjoy this stage... before you know it, he won't be caught dead in front of that camera.

Hope you're not bored today. TGIF, anyhow. If it's nice, I might hit Cedar Key this weekend. Hard to plan much with these gas prices. UGH!

Anonymous said...

That dance looks like something that I would do. Just ask C. Not ready to do the veggie growing yet. If you feel guilt than you shouldn't take any of those mangos otherwise go help yourself. Do it tonight just leave the party for awhile and nab them for later.

Blue Momma said...

Forget about the veggies - that little man has some moves! Maybe he could teach my little guy. I'm afraid he's gonna dance like his momma - not at all!

lisa marie said...

My hubby would take the mangos. :)