You can take the GRITS out of Florida, but you can't take Florida out of the GRITS!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Parrot update: The owner has given up trying to catch his macaw. The bird has since taken off to parts unknown. I am very mad at the guy...very mad. I've heard hand-raised parrots don't do too well on their own in the wild. Sad situation.

My garden update: I've planted a couple tomatoes, some squash, green onions, spearmint and collard greens. Tomorrow I'll plant my watermelon and cantelope seeds. Wish me luck!

My "craftiness" update: There is none. I have given up crocheting. I DID make 4 bars of soap which came out ok, so I think I'll get some nice oils and make a bunch for Christmas presents this year. The melt and pour method is so damn easy, it's silly! But I like being able to add what I want to the soaps.

My car update: Still making 4 different sounds, although I did change the oil last weekend and my hub got the front brake pads replaced. Runs ok, just sounds like crap. Oh, and two of the tires have plugs in them.

Potty Training update: Well. He is trying more now. Still no poop on the potty, but he will pee on it. My goal is to have him out of diapers (at least during the day) by the time my hub gets back from Italy.

Reading update: I am really loving Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series right now. Since joining book mooch, I have a pretty tall stack of books on my nightstand waiting to be read! This week I've been reading "The Man Who Invented Florida" by Rany Wayne White. I love his Doc Ford books. Hell, I love just about anything that is set in the swamps of Florida!

Dancing With The Stars update: Bye, bye Priscilla. Now go find a decent polastic surgeon who can work some magic on you so you don't look like "The Joker" anymore.

American Idol update: David Cook rocks! Jason Castro is his biggest competition, I think. David Archuletta is good, for sure, but too boy band-ish.

I may head out to the Picayune State Forest this weekend to check on one of my geocaches and hopefully get a few good pictures to share.


Sandcastle Momma said...

Have you posted how you make the soap? I've tried 2 or 3 times but the process was 3 days and very complicated and I don't have the time or the attention span to spend that long LOL I love Doc Ford but I must say my all time favorite comes from Carl Hiaasen. "Skink" is probably my favorite character in the world and I would love to hang out with him - as long as I can pass on the roadkill for dinner LOL

SwampAngel65 said...

I love Skink, too!!! When he tied himself to that bridge to ride out the hurricane...OMG...he's great!

The soap making process I tried is melt and pour. Cold press is too complicated and dangerous for me with a 3 year old around. M&P, you just melt the base, add colors, smells and whatever else you want, then pour it in a mold and let it harden. I literally can make 4 bars of soap in under 10 minutes!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Thanks - I'm going to try the M&P method - sounds much more my speed. Skink tying himself to the bridge was great LOL I've read all of CH's books and am SO ready for a new one. I hope he's working on one.

Floridacracker said...

Cars ... arrghhh.

Sad about that Macaw. They are such magnificent birds.

Potty training ... I don't envy that ... but what fun to have a little one around.

Koontz is a favorite of mine too. I read each one as pumps them out!
Thanks for the Excellence nod above ... ditto!

lisa marie said...

Making soap is easy? Sounds like it might be up my alley. :)

I hope you get tons of neat photos! I love seeing your wilderness!

I hate that about the Macaw! :( And I loved the Odd series! Love Koontz period. :)