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Friday, April 18, 2008

Passing it on

A few days ago, I received this award from one of my best bloggin' buddies, SophieMae. I now have to pass it along to 10 other bloggers. I would like to pass it back to her and also FC over at Pure Florida, but I know that's silly since SophieMae already has one and has also passed one to FC.

So, here are the 10 people I would like to give this award to. I read their blogs almost daily, for different reasons. They have made me smile, cry, laugh, gotten me pissed, and/or made me think about things. Please copy the pic above, paste it on your blog (if you so desire) and, in turn, pass it on to whoever you choose!

In no particular order:

Misti.Always beautiful pictures to look at and great tales to read.

Lisa.How can I not pass this to you?

Sandcastle Momma.It's been great meeting another Florida blogger and I always enjoy reading about what's going on in your neck of the woods.

Nikki.For always making me smile!

Iamwhoiam.For always having thought-provoking posts, eventhough they're pretty much limited to Fun Mondays!

Karina.For facing adversity with a positive outlook. You may think I'm being silly, but I think you're an inspiration!

Laura.Again, it's great "meeting" fellow Florida bloggers. In the infinite online world, I love connecting with people.

Sayre.I feel like I know you! I'm sure if we were closer, we'd be buds. Your blogs is one of my daily reads!

Blue Momma.A fellow blogger I can turn to when I need terrible toddler advice! I always enjoy reading what's new with you.

It.z.For a thought-provoking blog that I enjoy reading, eventhough she needs to update it! Definitely different.

Ok. I think that's 10... There are really so many more blogs I'd like to pass this on to (Like Some Cranky Guy), but 10 is good for now. I'm sure I'll pass it along some more in the future as I meet more folks and discover new blogs!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Sandcastle Momma said...

Thank you! I really enjoy your blog as well and I feel as if we have a lot in common. And anyone who loves Skink is A-OK in my book LOL

Sayre said...

Thank you, SwampAngel! We native girls are becoming a rare breed and need to stick together!!!

lisa marie said...

Yippee! You think I'm special. :) Thanx! I love it! Oh and congrats to you! You are excellent indeed!

IamwhoIam said...

Thanks Swampangle, just not sure how to handle this.

Laura said...

Thank you! I haven't been able to blog in a week or two, so it looks like I got back just in time!

You have a GREAT blog here! Always fun to stop by and see what's going on in my old haunting grounds!