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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shame on you, Mickey D's!

So McDonald's has finally started offering sweet tea. Ah...sweeeeet tea! Nothing beats it on a hot day in the South. I went through the drive-thru today just to get a couple of them for my boss and I. The girl at the window said she can't believe how many people are ordering that sweeeet tea! $1 for a great big....styrofoam cup of it....

Wait a minute! STYROFOAM???? As in the anti-Christ of biodegradable materials? Polystyrene...YES.

What is wrong with Mickey D's??? Everybody and their grandmother knows by now just how horrible STYROFOAM is. It's like a can survive through a nuclear holocaust, the ice age and...and...well, you get the picture. The stuff like never degrades. What in the hell are they thinking???

The world is full of idiots. Will I be one and continue to buy their sweet tea, or will I boycott it? Life is full of tough choices.

I wonder if I gave them my own cup to fill, would they do it?


IamwhoIam said...

You could recycle and keep using the same cup.

In the North were McD's some stores serve it plastic and other use your beloved extruded polystyrene

Steve said...

When you order the tea, specify that you want it in a soda type cup, not stryofoam. If they resist, talk to the manager about the problem and offer to stop being a customer if they are unwilling to accomodate you.

Just a thought.

Sayre said...

We've had sweet tea at Mickey D's here for about a year. As soon as I discovered it, I was all over it. Everyday. Then I got diabetes and I can't have it anymore. Which is a bummer, because I LOVE sweet tea (the real Southern kind).

The cups are a disaster, but the drink is too big for a paper cup. I like the idea of a recyclable plastic one though!