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Thursday, April 10, 2008

It'll grow back

I cut my hair tonight. I mean it...I cut my own hair tonight. I just wanted a trim and no one else would do it for me, so I went in the bathroom and did it myself. It's a bit more than a trim. But it's not hideous, either. I am cheap. I usually get my hair cut twice a year by a professional. I don't know why I did it tonight. It was just one of those things I had to do, right then! Anyone who knows me knows I'm not vain. At all.

It's only hair. It'll grow back.


lisa marie said...

I have been cutting my own hair since I was in the 8th grade and that's - well a lot of years. So here's a tip, if you like layers anyway, and I've had professionals (the few times I've went) tell me yep that would work.

Stand with your back to the mirror, bend over, look at yourself between your legs and cut straight across. To get my initial length I usually pin up most of my hair leaving the very underneath layer down and cut it so when I bend over I use it as a kind of guide. Then, I have to hve some sort of bangs so whatever needs to be shortedr I usually do while standing up, pulling the hair straight up and cutting straight across.

Across being not front to back, but side to side.

Whew, aren't you glad I shared my long-winded opinion? :) And don't you wish you had it BEFORE you cut your hair? Or not. :)

SwampAngel65 said...

LOL! Thanks, Lisa :) My BIL has never paid for a haircut, and when I found out, it blew my mind. His hair always looks perfect! Now, to find out you do it yourself, too, gives me hope!

I think what I did is kind of like your deal, except I was standing up. Pulled my hair up into a pony tail in my hand. Made sure it was all evenly pulled, then whacked it straight across. I probably ended up cutting off about 3 inches!

My son said it looked good. It DID look good last night, but this morning, with bed head, it leaves alot to be desired.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I tried to trim my daughter's bangs when she was little and I totally butchered that poor child's hair! I then took her to my hair dresser who had to cut it pretty short to undo the mess I'd made. I swore right then that I'd never go after anyone with scissors again LOL I'm glad yours turned out well.

Sayre said...

I cut my husband's hair and my son's hair, but not my own. I go to a person about twice a year, sometimes only once. I get a perm and a haircut. Then I'm set for quite a while.

It's about time to go again, though. I get those days where I can't stand my hair for a second longer and HAVE to get it off my head. I'd shave it if I thought it would look okay, but I have a funny looking head.

Anonymous said...

Normally I get mine cut ever few years and do the Locks of love - last time I had over 28 wacked. (PS the hair cut free). As of late I seem to need mine cut ever month or so. So Scruff-a-pot-mus and I get ours cut together. He has a MoHawk this month.

Heather said...

My question is "Where's the picture?????"

Short is more fun, easier to keep up, cooler in summer, no real downside. Enjoy it!!

Steve said...

You know Heather is right. You don't post something like this without photos to illustrate!

SwampAngel65 said...

No pictures! I am allergic.