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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

They're Baaaack!

The lizards think Spring has sprung! They are in full mating color and darting all over the place.

This guy was basking on a big piece of limestone, but when I came back out with my camera, he decided to book it on up a nearby tree.

The males are colored so brightly! They look patriotic, eventhough it's actually an orangey color, not red.

The females are a blah brown color. Nothing spectacular. Isn't it just like a guy to show off?


Laura said...

I haven't seen that type of lizard before. I wonder if they've been introduced to our state in the last decade or so?
And I love the photo on your header of Matheson hammock! I used to ride my bike there when I was a kid.
I miss those days. It's a beautiful part of Miami!

SwampAngel65 said...

Yes Laura, the Red-Headed Agama is native to Africa. The ones we have are either escapees or releasees of the exotic pet trade. I have thought about catching a few every now and then to help keep their population under control where I work, but they are very fast and very wary critters. We also have big iguanas here (as does Matheson!) and we do manage to catch some of those once in a while.

SophieMae said...

Cool lizards! But are they interfering with the native varieties? Much as I love critters, I'm pretty much inclined to get rid of as many of those invaders as possible.

Re your earlier froggie post. Megadittoes! In summer, they hang out around our front door. I always check before opening it, coz they WILL jump on you and PEE! GROSS!

SwampAngel65 said...

I don't really know how they are impacting the natives. I know they are carnivores, but I haven't noticed a drop in the regular lizard population (which is also 99% non-native!). That's part of why I'd like to figure how to catch a few every couple months or so, to help keep their population down.

lisa marie said...

What a pretty lizard! I haven't seen one of those before. :)