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Friday, March 14, 2008

A nice day for a bike ride

Yesterday after work, I was supposed to meet a couple friends to go get a few more caches out near the Everglades. I got there early and decided to take some pictures while I waited.

This is my new bike seat. I absolutely love it! More importantly, my ass loves it!

I parked my truck in front of this big corn field. Yes, we grow corn in Florida. And it is directly on the edge of Everglades National Park. Not what you'd expect, huh?
See the little road on the left side of the picture? That is the one and only road into the main part of the National Park. If you could turn your head to the right, you'd be looking at the field of corn.

These nasty buggers are everywhere! These are young and still tender, so they didn't hurt nearly as bad as the old, hard ones. Imagine about 20 of these stuck to your pants, socks and shoelaces...along with a good batch of Spanish Needles.

This canal runs for miles. The water was very clear and it was very pretty, but I really hate canals. Canals are what messed up the Everglades to begin with, disrupting the natural flow of water from Lake Okeechobee down to the Florida Bay.

A Sweet Acacia. It's really pretty, but my dinky little camera doesn't exactly show it very well.

Well, after a while my friends showed up and we rode our bikes further down the road and ended up finding 3 caches. I hit #900! I'm happy :)
Tomorrow we are suppposed to bring our bikes and do some caching over on Virginia Key. I'm excited to see the "renovations" the city has done to that area. It's a quiet beach that most people drive right by, in favor of going to Crandon Park Beach. Most of it has been closed for a long time now while the city did some restoration projects. The grand opening was a couple weeks ago. Originally, it was a "Blacks Only" beach. Thank God those days are over!
So maybe tomorrow I'll have some nice beach pics to show you.


It.z said...

Congrats! on your 900th. But am envious that I can not go caching with you. I won't tell Corky about your caching adventures he will want to catch up. hehehe

lisa marie said...

I cannot wait to get my bike back out. Happy caching! When the snow melts I'll get out again. :)

Heather said...

You are going to love the ergonomic bike seat. Yeah, they look weird, but your personal zones feel much better when you are done.