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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Caching in Highlands County

I'm really behind in posting. Just had alot of things going on and sometimes this takes a backseat, ya know? Anyway, last weekend we went up to Highlands County for a bunch of geocaching events (of which, we only actually attended one). It was a great weekend... beautiful weather and caches hidden in some wonderful places. I even won a portable dvd player in a raffle! I don't win things, so this was major for me. The biggest plus was getting to meet some fellow cachers that, until then, I'd only known by name. And I totally freaked out when I found out that one of them has actually been reading this blog for a while now! She didn't know it was me until I posted a couple weeks ago about geocaching and gave my geoname. Small world!

That's my hub walking in the Sun 'n Lakes Preserve.

A pretty little lake in the preserve. There were a few caches hidden around it.

A few of the cachers we met in the woods...super nice people. Glad I finally got to meet them in person. (Hi Jersey Girl!!!)

I had to take a picture of this billboard. It was just outside of Sebring along US 27. Not to bad-mouth anyone's religion, but this is just weird!
Thanks to Misti over at, I found out this freaky tree we found in Sebring is a Monkey Puzzle Tree. Not native, but from what I've read it's possibly near extinction in it's native country. I wouldn't mind having one in my yard just for the oddity of it.

Leaving to come home last Sunday, we laughed when we realized who was in front of us. Some cachers are just a little more hardcore than others!


JG said...

JG checking in. Yes, I am a faithful reader and have been for a while now. It was a great weekend. Hope to do it again.

It.z said...

Oorah! for geocachers.

Crown Princess said...

i love posts with pictures.

You are all signed up for next week.