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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Non-natives? Get the "F" out of Florida!

I watched a show on TV this evening...I think it was called "Wild Florida", hosted by Hunter Reno (Janet's niece...whose real name is Karen). talked about the non-native wildlife that is becoming more and more prolific in Florida. Red tailed Boas and Burmese pythons are spreading through the Everglades...Nile Monitors are going crazy in Cape Coral (I didn't see any when I was there a couple weeks ago)...and some funky snail that looks like an Apple Snail on steroids is spreading throughout Florida.

Why do idiots buy creatures that they can't take care of? Don't people bother to research their prospective pets? I mean, before I got my Sulcata tortoise I read about them. I found out what they eat, what kind of habitat they need, how big they get and how long they live. I made an educated decision. I would never EVER release her in the wild.

When we were at the Greenway Trail last weekend, I noticed thay had put up signs...idiot signs complete with pictures...that said not to release any wild animals. not to plant any non-native plants. It's pretty sad they have to even include pictures.

I am an animal lover. I have snakes. I have a dog and a cat. I have a tortoise who will get to be around 150 lbs. one day. But if I am ever on a trail in the ENP and I come across a python...well, it's going to become a dead python real quick. Not out of fear, but out of respect for our native wildlife. It's sad and some may say I'm wrong, but I saw all the destruction they can cause...the upset of our fragile ecosystem cause by there presence...

Just remember to please think twice, long and hard, before you even consider buying a non-native creature, esp. one that can flourish in Florida.

That's all. I'm done ranting. You may continue on with your regularly scheduled programming :)


Sayre said...

I hear you (and yes, I believe it was "Wild Florida"). They just started feeding a new season of that series, but we don't start airing it until this weekend.

Because Florida is so temperate, a lot of things thrive here even when they don't belong here. Tallahassee has had to add a shepherd to its city job roster to take care of the sheep that go around town eating the kudzu that can't be killed any other way.

I've heard about the python problems - even though I'm on the other end of the state from you. People just aren't very smart sometimes...

misti said...

I love that show! It's on PBS around 7pm, right? I watched a bit last night and was at the part with Skip Snow and the flipped back to King of Queens.

Anyway, I hear ya. Oh, yes the snails are the island apple snail and they look similar, but they have a few difference characteristics. Also, their eggs are pink. Kill 'em if you see 'em.

PS: expect something re: Loop Road from me tonight.

SophieMae said...

Don't even get me started! I won't even run over a diamondback, but I'd dispatch a python in a heartbeat. That's one thing I like better up here... no Cuban anoles. So far. >8\

I don't think our PBS station airs that show. I'll have to check and see if they've added it recently. They've been obsessed with 'War' for several months now. I like history as much as - probably more than, actually - the next gal, but enough is enough already.