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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Adventures in Florida

Ok, as usual, it's been a while since I've posted anything here.  I've been busy since moving to PA in April (and Facebook has gotten most of my computer time...)

A week after school let out, Aidan and I flew to Miami and spent 4 weeks in the Sunshine State doing pretty much whatever we felt like:

     ~I met some friends for dinner down in "The Ridge".  Always nice to catch up with them.

     ~Went to see "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" with Sam (I loved that movie!)...

     ~We went to the South Florida Super Con.  Something I had never done before.  Very, um...interesting...and fun!  By total surprise, Alex Kingston was there and we got our picture taken with her.  She was very sweet and beautiful.  Definitely made it all the more memorable!

She looks like a cardboard cut out, but trust me, she was real!
Waiting for our picture
Ms. Kingston

     ~Then the boys and I spent a couple days at Venice Beach.  Searched for some more shark's teeth, but didn't find very many.  Some days are good - some days aren't.  Such is life.  We still had a great time!

Goofing around 

Aidan kept beating us at Yahtzee...Sam must've thought he had a chance when I took this pic 
Bat House off 98 between Lake Placid and Okeechobee 
As far as I could tell, no bats using it yet :( 
Sunset out in the scrub 
Cow pastures are also great for watching weather roll in

     ~George came down for a few days at the end so we could all fly back together.  He and I spent a couple day at Lake Placid and took a short kayak trip on the Peace River.  We tried to find some fossils, but zilch.  Had fun, though.  The Peace River is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to kayak on it some more.

I could not believe he actually used a Home Depot bag as his luggage
Kids jumping off the dock at Bishop Park on Lake June
He always has to take a dip in Lake Francis

It was a good summer.  Aidan also spent 4 days in Orlando hitting all the parks with his dad and aunt.  Funny, though...all he wanted to do was go back to the hotel so he could swim in the pool!

It was great to meet up with a few friends (Heather, Sue & Corky, Nick, Pen, Ted and Lois (for only 1 day!) and to be with my family for a while.  I miss everybody.  And I miss Florida.  Well, except for Miami.  

I think we'll be back again in November.  My mom is coming up next week and hopefully Sam will come in October to do some Halloweeny stuff with us.  

Until the next post - enjoy the rest of the summer!

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