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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Days?

Ok, so I sucked at doing the 100 Happy Days thing. There are tins of things that I see everyday that make me happy.  What didn't make me happy was trying to remember to post a picture each day!

So now I am in Lake Placid.  Been working  on re tiling the living room.  Slow progress but I'm hoping to finish today.  Day 2 the water pump broke. 2 weeks later amd it's finally replaced!

Aidan is in Miami and heading to the Keys for a week.  He's even going to the Tortugas, which makes me so jealous!  Hope he appreciates it!

It's been good to see Mom with her broken arm and all.  July 21st that damn cast comes off!

Sadly, a good friend of mine died the other day.  I am thankful to be here for his wife if she needs anything. Many good memories and he sure will be missed by many.

On a good note, I have plans to meet up with one of my oldest friends who is in the area from Idaho visiting her family. We plan on surprising mom tomorrow!  And...hopefully meeting up with 2 other dear friends for lunch and maybe  little roadtrip to Cross Creek (check one off the old bucket list!).

I miss George bunches, but am enjoying getting some things done around here and not having to deal with making dinner or anything like that. I am eating whenever I feel like it...or not at all!  But really, I can't wait for him to fly down.  We are hoping to tube the Ichetucknee (yes,  another strike off the list!).

Since I'm posting this via my phone, I cant rotate the pictures or even get them where I want them.  I'll have to go back and fix it up when I get home.

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Sayre said...

When are you doing Ichnetucknee? Our youth group was talking about doing that at some point this summer, but I don't think it's actually going to happen as so many of them are at camp or on vacation or *gasp* have jobs.

Your tile job looks very nice! I know you miss George but he is checking in and feeding cats and snakes and such - at least FB says he's remembering!