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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Done Deal

The closing on our house was Monday and Sam and my Mom have to be out by next Monday.  Luckily, Sam found out yesterday that he can move into his apartment that Monday, so it seems all is working out just right.  I talked to the moving van's driver yesterday.  He'll be delivering the last of my belongings up here sometime between Dec. 4th and 12th.  I hope it's not long after the 4th because he'll be bringing up all my Christmas ornaments and stuff!  If he doesn't get here until the 12th, I may just blow it off until next Christmas.  We'll see...

We had flown down before Thanksgiving to finish packing and to help Sam take some of his stuff to Lois's.  He was going to be staying with her until an apartment opened up.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house, which was kinda strange since most everything was packed up.  We ate on paper plates with plastic knives and forks.  Weird.  My sister and her husband came.  The food was good, but the whole time there seemed to be an elephant in the room.  George later said he thought it was strange that no one talked about it being the last Thanksgiving in that house.  I told him that if anyone had mentioned it, I have no doubt that tears would've started to flow and nobody wanted that, so it was just avoided.

The evening unfortunately, ended on a bad note.  My sister had told me there would be "no problem" with her bringing both our kayaks up to Lake Placid since they have a long bed pick up truck.  After dinner, while George and Rusty were going through the last of the tools in the garage, I said to my sister, "OH, what about the yaks?  Can you take them tonight?"  to which she replied, "What if we don't take them?  What are you going to do with them?" emotions were already a bit stretched, her question just immediately cut into me.  I simply walked back into the house and straight into my bathroom where I promptly wanted to punch a wall (but I didn't).  I mean, what the hell???  She said they could take them and now she changed her mind???  Leaving me hanging as we were flying out the next morning!  So, I didn't say another word to her the rest of the night.  Oh wait.  Yes, I did.  Later, we were all in the living room watching a football game and she leaned over and asked me what I was going to do about the kayaks.  I told her to forget about them, not her problem and that I'd handle them myself.  I'm sorry, but that was a really shitty thing she did to me and I won't be forgetting it anytime soon.  In fact, throughout this whole ordeal, she has left my 82 year old mother to handle EVERYTHING by herself.  Of course, Sam has helped with a lot of things, but my sister, who doesn't work, has no kids, no responsibilities of that sort, could barely be troubled to help.  Sam has even told me that it depresses him a bit that once his Grandma has gone up to Okeechobee permanently, he will have no family nearby at all.  He knows that even though my sister lives an hour away in Lauderdale, counting on her for any kind of emergency help is useless.  The week prior to and after Thanksgiving, all she seemed to think about was going up to Piney Woods to go hunting.  Guess hunting is priority to her over family...we'll never go through something like that again.  The emotions and overwhelming task of packing up almost 50 years of life in that house...well, she blew it off like it was nothing.

Like her husband blowing off my wedding because of a golf tournament.


What's that infamous saying?...Never make someone a priority in your life if they make you an option.

Words to remember and believe me, I will.

Thanks for putting up with my unexpected rant.  Happy Holidays, y'all!!!


Beth said...

Oh Chris I am feeling for you right now...I remember how it felt when I came home from California to help my folks pack up their New Jersey house after 60 years there...So many memories and then it was gone

Sorry about your sister...sometimes family just isn't "there" for you and it really can hurt

Misti said...

Awww, I'm sorry Christine. :( I was wondering what your cryptic message on FB meant....thought maybe the ex or one of the boys did something.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Damn that's rough but at least now you know and won't need to stress about saying no when she calls you for something (and she will)

I can't imagine how hard it must be to pack up a home like that. My parents house was destroyed by Frederick, rebuilt and then destroyed by Opal. Ivan took what was left of the slab. The upside of all of that is no packing up the family home yet. My grandmother's house will be a different story and it won't be a pretty one.
The good news is that even though you've been exiled to parts north they're pretty parts and you've got an awesome man to make it all worthwhile!