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Monday, October 29, 2012


Well here it is, October 29th.  Still no closing date on the house and that's ok with me!  We plan on going down for Thanksgiving, but not driving a uhaul back yet.  I'm so not looking forward to doing that again, but it'll be better for George if we do it around Christmas (his business slows down a lot in the winter).

Hurricane Sandy is knocking on our door.  Cannot believe I moved out of Florida only to have a storm follow me up here to Pennsylvania.  Crazy!  Actually, I don't think much of anything is going to happen here in my neck of the woods, but you never know...maybe power loss and trees down if the winds are strong.  The trees here aren't meant for swaying in the breezes like our palm trees!

I took an online course with our community college on web design and passed the final!  WooHoo!  But, honestly, with what I learned any website I design would look very amateurish.  The free templates you can download are so much nicer!  Still, it's good to know some background info for when/if I ever get George's website going.  I may take the next course after the holidays.

My Avon adventure is tanking.  I've had a few orders, but for the return I get, it's hardly worth it.  I'm not a pushy person.  I put an ad up now and then on my Facebook page in case any of my friends are interested.  So far I think I've had 3 orders generated that way.  Meh...I'll give it to Christmas to see how it goes.

This past weekend, I cleaned out the basement.  What a nasty job that was!  Dryer lint and cobwebs EVERYWHERE!  But at least now, you can actually walk around down there, and we tried duct taping a stocking to the dryer vent tube to see if that helps contain the lint.  The dumbest thing EVER is to have a dryer blow straight into a basement.  Stupid and dangerous!  One day I still hope to fix it properly.

And completely off topic (like there's much of a topic going on here) I have been getting the weirdest comments on some of my posts here.  I can't call it spamming, but they just make no sense and coming from complete strangers.  Does anybody out there know why this happens?  It's so odd...

Well, I have to get A to the bus stop and since it's raining, I guess I'll be a nice mommy and drive him down.

Hope y'all get through the storm without incident!  I'll post about Sam's visit on here later. We had a GREAT time!

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