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Thursday, April 12, 2012

And so it begins...

Last week, we loaded up the 16' Budget truck and headed to Pennsylvania.  Just about all of my life crammed into boxes and wrapped in newspaper.  It took us 3 days to get here, stopping to see a couple friends along the way...through 7 states, spending the night in Jacksonville, FL and Statesville, NC.

Now I am sitting here at the computer when I really should be working on all the unpacking, but it is a truly daunting task.  Combining 2 households into one in a house that is MUCH smaller than the one in Miami.  Closets?  Zilch.  I have no idea where to hang my jackets, where to put my shoes, where to put my dishes, where to hang my pictures...oh, it's overwhelming!  I think that is part of the reason I got a cold.  Stress plus nasty wet/cold weather = fevers and chills for me!

Aidan is into day 3 at his new school and so far he is really liking it.  He takes the bus, which is also a new adventure for him.  He already has one "best friend" and he actually rides the same bus Aidan does, so that's nice.  The weather has been cold, so I've been driving him to the bus stop in the morning and waiting with him in the car with the heat blasting.  I told him once it gets warmer, we can just walk to the stop.  I timed the drive this morning - 2 minutes to get there, so maybe taking our time, 10 minutes to walk.  If that.  The school is so close, that really it's just as easy to take him and pick him up, but the schools here are very different from Miami.  They have a really tight "security" deal here:  If I want to pick him up after school, but he normally takes the bus, I have to notify the school and actually go in to sign him out at the end of the day.  At his old school, I just waited by the classroom door, or this year, by the PE field, and when the bell rings he comes out and off we go!  It is a pain in the butt here, but it does make me feel good knowing they are so careful with the kids here.

Well, ok.  I've been on here long enough.  Motivation!  I NEED MOTIVATION!  Hello?

Hello?  Anybody???  Someone yell at me!  Crack that whip and get me going!

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