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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Very Random

These are some very random pictures I downloaded from my phone...

Itty bitty pineapples, taken at Coral Castle.

My son took this picture with his phone and shopped it.  I love how she has her foot raised up behind her head.

I took this on my way to Lake Placid last weekend.  This section of US27 is nothing but sugarcane fields, and some were being burned.  Smells bad, but not nearly as bad as the refinery smells when they're burning cane. It's like baby vomit...and I'm not kidding.

As I sit here in 70 degrees, windows wide open and just enjoying the fact that I can have the AC turned off for a change, this is my home in Pennsylvania.  My husband took it a few weeks ago and though the snow there has come and gone a few times, they have a bit more than is in this picture now.  He says lots of people are sledding and having fun with it.  Wish Aidan and I were there.  We miss sledding!

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