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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years Stuff

Today will be no day of rest for me.  I still have Christmas stuff to box up and put back in the attic, floors to sweep and mop, laundry to do and the STEELERS-Broncos game this afternoon.

Tomorrow is an important day.  I am doing something that I've never done before - getting a mammogram.  I know, I's horrible that I haven't had one yet.  No excuses other than I just keep forgetting to schedule one.  I am looking forward to tomorrow...I've heard they can hurt a bit (and no wonder having your boobs squished down like pancakes!), but it is worth it.  I have a clean bill of  health for everything else (yes, even my MS has remained inactive since I was diagnosed in '06), so what better way to start the new year?

Speaking of New Year, I have made a couple resolutions.  I am going to truly try keeping them, too, unlike the decades of previous years' unkept goals.

1.  Loose at LEAST 20 lbs.  This is so do able it makes me laugh.  I just have to get back into my walking routine.
2.  Buy one Christmas present a month, put a note on it as to who it's for, and store it away in a box in my closet.  NO MORE broke Christmas's.  NO MORE last minute shit.
3.  Read more!
4.  Do one crafty project a month (possible Christmas presents??  2 birds with one stone??)
5.  Get myself and Aidan moved up to Pennsylvania and start that new chapter in my life!!!!

So has anybody ever actually kept ALL of their resolutions?  Let me know if you  have!


blackfishorca said...

The biggest resolution I have is to RUN a 5K by the end of the year. That way it is goal oriented way of losing weight and getting in shape! No specific number but an action goal.Oh and get another job or quit this one!

SwampAngel65 said...

That's a good way to do it, Jenn! I can't run, so a goal like that would never work for me.

As far as another job, all you can do it keep applying and putting the word out. If you hate your job horribly, then try to find another job ANYWHERE...department store, grocery store...anywhere else, then just keep applying for the kind of job you really want.