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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adventures in Legoland!

 My littlest one had received an annual pass to Legoland for his birthday back in May.  Legoland officially opened in October of this year and he has been bugging ever since to go.  Last weekend we surprised him by taking him...he had no clue and that made it all the better!

 The Lego models below were incredible...  really amazing stuff!

 Bok Tower!

 Miami Beach...looks almost real, doesn't it??

 Key West...

 There were lots of rides to go on.  Thankfully, Buddy gladly went on everything with Aidan.

 They got in line for this coaster once and Aidan backed out...but before we left, he decided he wanted to ride it.  I was SO proud of him for showing courage and sticking to his guns (No way would I go on that damn thing!...pass the cheese, please!)

 I think this guy was my favorite Lego statue...his colors were so pretty.

 A left over from Cypress Gardens...the Coastersaurus!

 It's a fez!  Though it's not The Doctor :(
Legoland is where the old Cypress Gardens amusement park/gardens was for years and years.  In fact, we had gone there just a few years ago and had a blast.  They had a water park, lazy river, and lots of ways to cool off.  Legoland has none of that and I think it's a shame.  But some of the Gardens remain and they still do a token water ski show, though it lacked the 3 story pyramid of brave skiiers.  It was still fun.

If you have a kid who loves Legos, this IS the place to go!  It's expensive - $75 per person and $12 to park, but for a once a year adventure I highly recommend it!

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