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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Starting Blues

Am I the only Mom that dreads the start of school?  I love the summer and having my little guy free to do things whenever we get the homework, no having to go to bed early, no scurrying to make sure he has clean uniforms... I think I am more bummed about summer ending than he is!

And P.S.  To a certain LURKER in Tennessee... POST SOMETHING ONCE IN A WHILE! Don't just look and leave!

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Sayre said...

Z can't wait for school to start. Summer is just long enough for him to start getting bored.

I look forward to it too, I confess. My boss is very understanding about summer and working at home, but I miss the office and working at home, I'm there for the boy, but he's kind of left to his own devices except when I throw something fun into the mix.