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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 9th Circle of Hell...Chuck E. Cheese

My little guy turned 7 yesterday, but his aunt wanted to give him a surprise party Sunday at Chuck E. Cheese.  I don't do parties, so I told her if she wanted to do it, then go for it!

So Sunday morning, I told Aidan I had to go shopping...we checked out Michael's, then he said he was hungry. What to about let's go to Chuck E. Cheese?  I told him he'd been good so we could go eat there and he could play around for a while.  

We walked in and were immediately overwhelmed by the noise and crowd.  We walked to the back and he saw his aunt...then some friends...and suddenly he just broke down, and not in a good way.

He wanted to go home...

 His friends tried to get him to go play with them, but all he did was sit there and cry.

 Even seeing his Spongebob cake didn't make him stop.

But finally...finally...he stopped and started having fun.  Lots of his classmates showed up and he got lots of presents.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, including Aidan.

Though there were a few moments that he looked kind of lost.

Overall, it ended up being a fun time.

Even Sam had an ok time, though he did manage to cut out early.  Truth be told, I hate that place...I do not want to go into another crowded restaurant or anything again for a long, long time...I've had my fill!  My friend, Heather, got it right when she called that place the 9th circle of hell.  I'm sure that 99% of the staff developed a drinking problem after working their first weekend in that place.  BUT, the kids DO love it and that's what counts.

So Happy Birthday, Aidan!  You're growing like a Sugar Berry Peanut!


Sayre said...

Poor Aiden!!! I have to agree, Chuck E. Cheese is about the worst place for anyone who can still hear. I've had to go three times in my life and the last time I remembered to bring ear plugs. They didn't block everything out, but they did help.

I'm glad he finally started having some fun. Don't torture him (or yourself) like that again!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Happy Birthday Aidan!
I have no idea what the appeal for CEC is but I have never talked to anyone who liked the place - not even most kids!
We had Conner's party there when he was 5 and as soon as Chuck walked out Conner started screaming "Make that rat go away!!"
It would have been hysterical if he hadn't been so scared. Poor kid hid up in one of the crawly tube things the whole time we were there.