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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Odd and Ends

My sapodilla tree is FINALLY producing fruit! They are very slow to mature and ripen, so haven't gotten to eat any yet.  I'm excited about it!

Went caching a couple weeks ago with my friend, Blackfish Orca.  I'd gotten the cache here on this old bean sprayer, but she hadn't, so I took the opportunity to play with my new PNS camera.  I really like black and white photos.

This tree is in my fiance's yard (can I call it "my" yard, too???)  I thought it looked pretty with the light snow all over it's bare branches.

My fiance "procured" this sign left over from a construction project that was finished over a year ago and never picked up.  He thought it looks fun on his driveway.

Walking in the woods around my future PA home, I stumbled upon this guy hanging out...

One of the more creative caches we found that weekend.  I've seen different variations of this, but lliked the way this one was done so I snapped a pic of it for future reference.

These are slag piles in the woods very near his house.  Left overs from the coal mining days, these hills are really high up and kind of tricky to walk on.  I think we're going to place a cache up here if we can figure out a good way to hide it.  In this picture, if you were to turn your head to the right, you'd see the graveyard where Andy Warhol is buried.  I'm not a big fan, but his works were influential.

This is a potential spot for a small vegetable garden.  The biggest problem is going to be keeping the deer and ground hogs out of it!  Sure don't have that problem in Miami!

Just a view out the dining room window,,,

Back at work, my boss had a hissy fit that the guys threw out this huge bundle of air plants.  At first I thought they were dying, but looking closer I saw that what I thought were dead ends were actually little baby bromeliads!  Very cool!

This is Booger.  My Facebook friends know about Booger.  He stole my cell phone, a coffee mug and a co-worker's lunch.  Now when anything is missing or just can't be found, we blame him for it.

A little out of order here, but this is kind of a cool picture I got in the yard up in PA.  We were burning some stuff, so the haze at the bottom is smoke.  My son thinks it's creepy, but I like it.

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