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Monday, March 28, 2011

I never knew...

...that preparing for a wedding involved so much thought!  Sounds weird, I know, coming from someone who's already been married twice, but both of those weddings were small and quick - a JP in Humble, Texas and a wedding on a dock in Islamorada.

My honey wants what he calls a "real" a church with music and flowers and all that stuff.  And invitations (though I do NOT expect the majority of folks to make the trip).  So I've been looking for cheap ways to do things as we have a budget of, oh...about $1.38.  I found some cute do-it-yourself wedding invitations at Office Depot.  50 for $33.99, but I haven't bought them yet.  I ordered a dress off of eBay (don't laugh!) for only $35.  I like it fine, but everyone else seems to have issues with the sleeves.  They go all the way to the floor.  SO, I just ordered another dress for under $100 that I think will satisfy all, including myself.

The church has been reserved and the music director there is "very excited" to do our wedding.  I think I'm a little nervous about that...I mean, I've heard the old guy sing and he's not bad, he just belts it out at a decibel just below ear drum piercing.  Not being Methodist and the ceremony being in a Methodist church, I have no clue what to expect.  What songs will he sing?  I'm sure we have a choice, right?  Guess that's what rehearsals are for!

I think I am going to have both my kids "give me away".  My BFF is going to be my one and only bride's maid.  That leaves my mom and sister sitting in the I said, I totally expect it to be very small.  It'd be great if more friends can show up, but I'm really not counting on it.  I wonder if I still have to do the whole "walking down the aisle" thing or if I can just pop in from the side?

Flowers?  All I need is a bouquet in my hands, right?  Wish it could be orange blossoms and tickseed and goldenrod, but I think those would be hard to find in PA.  Can't I just pick some wildflowers???

Reception?  OMG...can't we just BBQ at the house and keep it simple?  We really do NOT have to me!

I'd love to make the reception/BBQ also a geoevent as it was all because of geocaching that we met and most of my friends are cachers.  Maybe dual receptions - one here and one there!  That'd work...

Oh, so many questions and so much to think about. I see why people elope and why I've never done all this before.  But he is special and if this is what he wants, well, then...he'll have it!

Please fell free to chime in with any and all advice you may have.  I could sure use it!


Sayre said...

Trust me - I feel your pain. I only had two months to pull together my brother's wedding and a VERY limited budget. I think the whole thing wound up to be about $2500. We did it all ourselves though.

How much time will you have up there before the big event? There are ways to make it nice without breaking the bank.

SwampAngel65 said...

Well, besides my normal monthly trips, I plan on going up there a week before the big day to try to get things ready. Do you think that's enough time?

SophieMae said...

DAWG! Wish I'd known you were dress-huntin'! I have one hanging in my closet that I bought to renew our vows, which we never did, so it's just a big ol' white, lacy, beaded closet ornament!

I grew up in a Methodist church, but it's changed a lot since I last stepped inside one, so reckon I can't help much there. 8-}

blackfishorca said...

WTF! are you not expecting me???

SwampAngel65 said...

SophieMae, it's no too late to renew those vows! I say dust off that purdy dress and go get rehitched!

Jenn, YES, I would expect you, but given the whole job thing, I wouldn't count on it...ya know? I have you on the iffy list (along with Sue and Corky and a couple other people). It would be AWESOME if you CAN be there, believe me!!!