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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Riding the Rail

Today we decided to take a trip on the Metrorail - riding it from beginning to end and back again.  Number 2 son had never ridden on it before, so it was quite the adventure for him.  

We started at the Dadeland South station.  Looking out the window I had a direct view of Shorty's BBQ.  That place has been around for God-Knows-How-Long, I think before I was even born.

This old DQ has been in my blog before...

One of the stations is at the Museum of Science (which is across from Vizcaya).
See the short building to the left of the high rises?  The one with a red triangle on the top?  Next time you catch an old episode of "Miami Vice", you can see that building in the opening credits.

View from the Brickell station...almost downtown!

Crossing over the Miami River.  You can't see it at all, but to the right of the River, past the high rises, it the site of the "Miami Circle"...a Tequesta site discovered when they had started excavating to build another high rise.  The site is now protected.

The old Dade County courthouse.  

The American Airlines Arena and to the right of it, The "Freedom Tower".

Above is the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.  A very nice place that I have yet to visit.

The oldest refused to take down the number.  He isn't old enough anyway.  I am intrigued by it, though...

Wonder if there's a cache hidden there???

We were just thankful Metroral is air conditioned and the windows are sealed shut!  Such a scenic sight...

(Why does she keep taking pictures of me?)

We made it to the end of the line, the Palmetto station.  Then we had to wait about 1/2 hour for the driver to lock up and switch to the opposite end of the train for the trip back.  While we waited, I took lots of pictures of the kids...
Yes, we both new he was faking it!

Now, let me tell you about the way you have to pay to get on the Rail...they used to take cash or tokens, then a while ago, they changed over to this weird EPass or ETicket thing. What a confusing mess that is!!!  You have to take your money to a machine and buy a pass, then put money on it.  You have to wave the pass over some sensor thing for the gate to open so you can walk through.  But get have to wave it again just to leave!!!  I am SO glad I don't work downtown.  Having to mess with that every day would drive me nuts.

Anyway, that was our little adventure for the day.  Not too exciting, but better than staying at home, plus, the squirt got to finally ride the was a good day.


GG said...

Downtown Miami looks awesome. Do they have a concession on the train for snacks?

SwampAngel65 said...

Nope, but there was a kid selling M&Ms and Skittles for $1 each on the way back.

Paula said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of the summer I worked downtown and would ride the metro rail every day. I need to see some pics still of my old house and if you ever get down that way, some pics of LaSalle would be cool.

SwampAngel65 said...

Paula, send me your old address again, The houses look different and I'm not 100% sure which one was yours! I can get some pics of LaSalle one of these days, too.