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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hmmm...Any Law Breakers Out There?

Didja know in the fine state of Florida it is illegal to:

     ...sing in public place while wearing a bathing suit?
     ...have sexual relations with a porcupine?
     ...skateboard without a license?
     ...fart in public after 6:00pm?
     ...sell your children? seen publicly in a strapless gown if you are a man?
     ...fall asleep under a hairdryer?
     ...shower naked?
     ...break more than 3 dishes a day or chip more than 4 cups and/or saucers?
     ...have oral sex?
     ...kiss your wife's breasts?

Also, all doors of public buildings must open outwards...unmarried women cannot parachute on Sundays...only the missionary position is legal!...and the penalty for horse theft is death by hanging!!!

Ok. I'm guilty of more than one offense.  I will not divulge which ones, but seriously, who knew you couldn't sell your kids! (please know I am just kidding...or am I...)

I wonder what would happen if you walked into the nearest station and tried to turn yourself in for breaking one of those laws?  I'll pay someone a buck to try it and report back.

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Paula said...

Drink any diet coke lately? hahaha