You can take the GRITS out of Florida, but you can't take Florida out of the GRITS!

Friday, May 7, 2010


This morning I got on the scale...with trepidation.  I've felt fatter, like I've put on about 5 pounds lately.  I haven't been walking or anything.  My eating has been deplorable.  So I stepped on expecting the worst.

But I've lost 2 pounds.  WTF?  I stepped off and reset back on.  Same thing!  How can that be?  I am now the skinniest (hahaha...LOTS of sarcasm there) I've been since having Aidan almost 6 years ago.

Very weird.

And here's a question for my fellow Floridians:  Is it just me, or do you feel fatter the minute the weather turns hot again?  I mean, the first day I break out in a sweat just by walking from my car to my front door, I instantly feel fatter.  My clothes are tighter. I feel blah.  When it's colder, I always feel thinner and my clothes are always looser.   I love the winter!  Does anyone else notice this or am I just my normal oddball self?


Suwanee Refugee said...
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Island Rider said...

Oh, that's what is wrong with me. Yes, it's hot! Pass the ice cream!