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Monday, May 24, 2010

Porcupines, Allegany State Park and Creepy Angels

This weekend, I flew up to PA to go to a geoevent in Allegany State Park in New York.  This big, stumpy squirrel was not in New York, but in my boyfriend's yard.  We don't get squirrels that big back home unless they're Fox Squirrels...  There was also a cute little bunny next to him, but I didn't get a good shot of them together.

Ok, so now we are out of the yard and on the way to New York...  we passed alot of old barns that have Mailpouch Tobacco ads painted on them. I want to start taking a picture of every one I see.

Some old building even have it painted on them.  It's faded, but you can still see it.

We stopped in Bradford, PA at the Zippo Case Museum.  It was a pretty neat place even if you don't collect Zippos or Case knives. There's a cache out front, but we couldn't find it. Neither could the other people who were hunting for it.  Oh well... our first DNF of the weekend :(

Yay!!!  Crossing into New York!

The first place we stopped in Allegany State Park was the Red House Lodge.  It was so beautiful inside, but reminded me of something out of a Stephen King novel.

After some driving around and looking, we finally found the HQ for the event.  
We went in, checked everything out and signed the log.

We set up and camp and spent some time exploring...and caching, of course!  
Never did see any beavers, but did see a few of their dams...

And thankfully we didn't see any bears, either!

We stopped to do an Earth Cache at Quaker Lake.  SO pretty!

I believe these are flowers on a Hawthorn tree.  Very pretty but very thorny.

Buttercups and something...can't remember the name, but they were all over the place and very pretty.

Science Lake

These little pumps are all over the place!  Never saw any of them actually pumping, though.

After seeing 7 + roadkill porcupines, we finally spotted a live one!  I got so close to him and he stood his ground...old? sick?  or just their demeanor since they have very few enemies?

We also saw a beautiful skunk one night in ASP, but seeing this guy was a highlight of my weekend.

We stopped in Ludlow to see the Olmstead Manor.  An old, extremely haunted house that I believe belongs to the United Methodist Church (maybe?).

A really bad picture of some really pretty "Forget-Me-Nots".

Gotta love it!

In the town of Brookville, there is a cache called Scripture Rocks.  Way back in the woods, totally unmarked by any signs or arrows, are hundreds of bolders carved with Biblical verses.  One man did it all by himself about 100 years ago.  That's what's so cool about see places you never knew existed!

Any thoughts as to what these angels are all about?  I mean, I see the stars all over the place, and they are really cool (I have one thanks to my sweetie!)...but then we started noticing these kind of creepy angels on houses. Not as many as the stars...they all appear to be the same angel...creepy if you ask me.  Does anyone know what they are about?

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