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Saturday, June 20, 2009

An otterly yucky job

My friends, Marc and Eliana are back in Alaska helping Fish and Wildlife determine why sea otters have been dying up there.

Check out this video from ktuu tv in Alaska:

Marc and Eliana

Good job... and better you than me! Hopefully by the time you guys come back, the smell will have gone away...ewwwww!

Tomorrow I plan to uploads pics from my trip to Pennsylvania and tell y'all about our adventures there a couple weeks ago. I have been such a slacker lately!


Misti said...

I saw that email! Cool isn't it?

I once watched a dolphin necropsy for the stranding network in Galveston. I didn't even touch the animal and the smell was embedded in my clothes and hair for days. A shower didn't get it off. Yuck. But really interesting at the same time.

SwampAngel65 said...

I had an experience once with "that" smell, but it was from a body. When I got home, I had thrown my clothes on the floor and fell into bed (it was late and I was tired). The next morning, without thinking, I grabbed the shirt from the night before still smelled! I jumped in the shower and spent a very long time scrubbing, then did a load of laundry - twice!