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Thursday, June 25, 2009

At least he was smart enough to stay away from Dade County!

The bear I talked about a few posts ago made the news again yesterday.


WELLINGTON, Fla. -- State wildlife officers have caught a black bear that was spotted several times in Wellington the past few days.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers said the 300-pound bear was found Wednesday morning along a canal and Southern Boulevard across from Palms West Hospital.
Officers monitored the bear until David Hitzig with Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter arrived.
"At one point he came out to the road up against the guardrail, and we made the decision at that point that he was in a position that we could safely tranquilize him with a tranquilizer dart," Hitzig said.
Hitzig said he came within 10 feet of the bear.
"He definitely saw me when I got into position to take the shot, and we had a staring contest for a while," Hitzig said. "And believe it or not, I actually asked the bear very politely if he would step out in the open so I could get a good shot, and he nicely complied."
Officers on Tuesday baited a bear trap with dog food and sardines. But in the end, the bear had his own plans.
It took five people to lift the bear into the trap. Officers kept the bear cool with bags of ice.
"This is the bear from Weston that was captured and relocated two weeks ago," FWC spokeswoman Gabrielle Bruni said.
The bear was taken to a state forest in Collier County in May.
"If it's come back from Collier County, Collier County might not be a suitable place," Bruni said.
This time, the bear will be brought to the Osceola National Forest in north Florida.

I wonder if he'll try coming back again?

BTW, it was so not cool of Michael to take Farrah's day away from her. Not cool at all.


Misti said...

Yeah, isn't it hilarious about the bear?? It's amazing how far they can travel and in such a short time. I was trying to think of where it would have walked.

Yeah, I'm sad about Farrah not getting the attention she deserved.

Sayre said...

They caught a 5 foot gator in someone's yard yesterday... And bears are a regular occurrence here. Only every once in a great while do we get a nusiance bear that has to be killed. Usually they're left alone and only sometimes tranquilized and taken away.

I have to agree about Michael. I'm sure he didn't CHOOSE to die today, but it sure would have been nice if he'd waited another day. Farrah deserved to have her own day of mourning.

lisaschaos said...

We had a bear downtown last week. Craziness! And I'm miffed at Michael too!

Grace said...

We do not leave very far from Dade County and I agree with you, it was not cool of Michael to take Farrah's day.

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