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Saturday, May 16, 2009

A trip to the Seaquarium

Despite the heavenly rain clouds that darkened the sky today, we headed over to Key Biscayne to visit the Miami Seaquarium. Today AAA members got in FREE and since tomorrow is Aidan's birthday, we decided to go for it. Sorry I don't have better pictures, but I have yet to win the lottery so I can purchase a really decent camera. Until then, y'all will just have to deal with it!

The Orca (Killer Whale) show was nice. We had the common sense to sit high up in the bleachers so we wouldn't get soaked with 55 degree salt water when the orca and Pacific White Sided Dolphins do their thing! They are incredible to watch!

My squirt and SIL. I can't imagine being eaten by this guy!

The hub in front of an old recompression chamber that was used by the University of Miami in the 70's.

A Green Sea turtle. They say the Seaquarium has a high rate of rehabilitation for sea turtles. In their round habitat, there were several Loggerheads, a couple Greens and a Kemp's Ridley swimming around. Such beautiful creatures to be able to see up close!


One of Aidan's favorite things today...a really cool playground that had big waterguns that you could shoot at people. He left there soak and wet!

For some unknown reasons, he HAD to have a picture of himself and this dolphin.

There is also a bird section at the Seaquarium that had lots of Macaws and 2 of these Flamingos.

Before we left, we had to check out the Reef Aquarium. Yellowtails, Grunts, various Snappers, Wrasses, Triggers, Hog Snapper, and so much more were swimming around so peacefully in the huge tank. The two biggest fish in that tank were these guys. I think they are Jewfish (or Goliaths, as they were recently renamed to be more politically correct).

If they ARE Jewfish, then let me tall ya....these guys are just babies. Jewfish can get to be HUUUUUGE! I mean suck-you-in-and-swallow-you-whole HUGE.
I realized today just how much I miss the ocean. Yes, I'm only 5 miles away from it, but I rarely go out in it anymore. Growing up, my parents had a house in the Keys and I guess I really took it all for granted....being able to jump in my little boat and go fishing for the day, snorkelling wherever and whenever I pleased, fishing off our dock, the gorgeous sunsets, the constant breeze and the smell of salt air. I need to get back down to the Keys again soon!

Anyway, that's all folks! Tomorrow is Aidan's 5th Birthday. Can't believe he's already that old...where does the time go? I'm glad we took him to the Seaquarium today. It was hot as hell,. but we all had a good time.
Some people are very against places like the Seaquarium, but I think that like zoos, they serve an important role...they help to make a connection between the animals and people who would otherwise never get to see them. That connection is so very important when it comes to concern and wanting to conserve and protect the animals. Sure, I'd rather see the creatures swimming freely in the ocean, but the few that are here help to open the eyes and hearts of people each and every day. It's a good thing. If you're ever in Miami, try to make a trip to the Seaquarium. It ain't SeaWorld, but it's a piece of Miami history that I think you'd enjoy.


Sandcastle Momma said...

Happy Birthday Aidan!

We visited the Seaquarium years ago and it was the coolest place. Lots to see and those whales are incredible to watch.

You NEED to get back to the water - it's good for the soul!

SwampAngel65 said...

Yes, it is. i was supposed to go fishing for dolphin tomorrow with my old boss, but his boat broke down. Drats!!!

MACMAN said...

Miami Sea has so many great things to do, maybe next time you will get a chance to swim with the dolphins in Miami too there. I have done it so many times and its a blast.
God Bless,