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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, Happy Birthday

20 years ago today, I gave birth to my first son. It seems like only yesterday! I wanted to do something special for him today, but he was insistant on not making a big deal out of we ended up at the zoo. We hadn't been in ages and it was fun to see all the changes and new animals. So the following are random shots from our day at Metro Zoo...

Obligatory elephant shot. (But I do love them!)

This Alligator Snapping Turtle was funny. He kept his mouth open like he was posing for the camera. See the little pink thing in his mouth? They wiggle that and it looks like a worm, thus luring in unsuspecting fish.
Gaboon Viper! Really a very beautiful snake.

Western Diamondback

A Rainbow Eucalyptus!! One of several, actually in the zoo's Australian area. Beautiful! I can't wait for mine to get bigger and start coloring.

A gorgeous Harpy Eagle!

There is a pond filled with all kinds of freshwater fish and turtles. This remote controlled camera was there being run by some other folks.

A Great Horn Bill (very fun to watch!).


Malayan Sun Bear

A very cool Cassowary

Please excuse any mispellings. I'm tired and too lazy to double check anything right now. I took alot more pictures, but of course, once I got home and downloaded them, I saw that most were blurry messes. I really hate my stupid camera.
Hope everyone hasd a healthy, happy, wonderfully blessed New Year!


Sayre said...

That Gaboon Viper really is beautiful! Love the little bowties on his back.

I love going to the zoo.

Happy birthday to your first boy!

Cathy S. said...

Is there some symbolism that you took your first born to the zoo for his birthday? Has raising him been a wild experience? LOL Happy Birthday! One more year and he will be legal. Ack!

misti said...

Happy Birthday Sam! :)

ChrisB said...

Happy Birthday to your first born. That looks a fun way to spend the day!

SwampAngel65 said...

Thank you, all! I will pass on your wishes!

Anonymous said...

How is the new section at the zoo? Is it worth a special trip?

SwampAngel65 said...

The Amazon area is nice, but to me it still needs more. I have always had a problem with Metro Zoo in that you seem to walk forever before coming to anything interesting (not that some animals aren't interesting, but ya know, when it's hot they're sleeping somewhere out of sight, so you see nothign but a big empty area!).

The food is extremely over priced and I think the stupid monorail should be free since the admission price is raised every year. I only go to the zoo about once every other year and keep hoping it'll be better than the last time. They are improving, but still, the best things are at Dr. Wilde's World and the Aviary. Just my $.02.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Happy belated birthday! A New Year's Day baby - that's cool. Was his name in the paper when he was born? Our newspaper always runs the first baby's names and pictures.
The zoo looks like fun. I want one of those eucalyptus trees SO bad. Can't wait to see pics of yours.