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Thursday, November 13, 2008

So close and yet so far...

My friend, Sayre, passed this award on to me some time ago, but I have just gotten around to acknowledging it. I like this one..."This blog invests and believes in ‘proximity’ [meaning that blogging makes us 'close' - being close through proxy].”

Through blogging, I have become friends with people all over the place! That being said, I would like to pass this on the the people I feel close to, eventhough we may be far apart. And to some that I have even slacked greatly in visitng their sites lately. I promise to be a better "friend" in the future!

So this goes to the following:


ur olive


Lisa (and her Chaos)

Sandcastle Momma


And I'm sorry for not posting links here. The links can be found to everyone right there to the left :)


Sandcastle Momma said...

Thank you so much! I feel the same way - we've never met but I was just telling someone the other day about my friend Chris in Miami and it feels as if we've been friends for a long time. Ain't blogland grand?

BeeDancer said...

We met before I even knew of your blog, and have some common interests, but I feel that blogging "together" has helped build a friendship that I value.

Thank you!

lisaschaos said...

Hey thanks for including me! :) Blogging does make us close. :)

IamwhoIam said...

Thanks you so very munch