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Friday, September 5, 2008

Stupid Insurance Companies!

As some of you may know, there is a medicine that I have to inject every day. When I had Cigna, I'd get a 3 month supply for $20. Cool. Never a problem. Then, my job dropped Cigna and the only real choice I had was Avmed. Now, I can only get a one month supply at a time and the cost jumped to $30! I know I shouldn't complain because without insurance, my meds run over $1000 for a 30 day supply. But still!

So last week, I called to have my script refilled. No problem, they ship it and I'd get it Thursday. Well, Thursday came and went and no meds.

I called the prescription service this morning and at first they said they had it scheduled to ship out the 9th! HUH?!? I told them, again. I was supposed to get it YESTERDAY. The woman checked and it seems there is some kind of problem with Avmed. They need some kind of "authorization". WTF? Fine. I told her I'd call Avmed.

So I called Avmed.
"Is this a new prescription?"
"Not quite. I've been on it for like 2 years and have never had anything like this happen."
"I'll give it to my supervisor."
"Well, how am I going to know when this is cleared up? I've already missed 2 shots and we have a hurricane coming. I need my meds!"
"I'll call you."

Hmm. I tried calling my doc's office, but of course he's closed on frigging Fridays! I was super pissed and this was all before 9:30am!

At 10:30, the script service called and said they'll be shipping it out tomorrow and I'll get it by noon. YAY! Then about 1/2 hour later Avmed called to say it's all straightened out. Yeah, I know. I asked what the problem was, and you know...she couldn't tell me.

Dumb asses. If my meds don't come tomorrow, heads are going to roll. I don't need to worry about that on top of Ike. Stupid dumb asses...


misti said...

We have Avmed too. We used to have United Healthcare and it was so much better. So far, everyone hates AvMed

IamwhoIam said...

well I've had my fustration with insurance but nother as bad.

CarolDL said...

AvMed has really upset me this weekend, again, since they combined with Catalyst (at least, thats who they started out blaming) now they are refusing me my meds (name brand capsules, do not have generic for caps) but ONLY if I pay 120-170 instead of my regular copay of $40-60...I've been waiting a month, every week calling, drs., avmed, pharmacy and finally what shows up is something I can't afford, after all we pay them over $800 monthly for stupid insurance, and my family meds are several hundred as is, and now they want to take my meds for my fibromyalgia away, I DO NOT work well on the generics on several meds, this and they want to take my Ambien CR for sleep away, to only 14 stupid pills for a month , what am I supposed to do the other 15 plus days/nights when I can.t sleep, plus I have an autistic child, and the energy I expend to keep life sane around here is rapidly disappearing, I need some peace and quiet, and HELP, dear LORD, and not another hurrricane, or another stupid weekend without my meds, I LOVE how they always wait till Friday to give me the bad news so I can't do anthing about it...the nice AvMed person on my case to help had called me several times earlier, and we thought it was all straigtened out...hah...I think I am going into depression again, or maybe I should work for post office,....grrr.Spring Hill, FL

Anonymous said...

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