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Friday, July 11, 2008

A little bit of Heaven in my freezer

This stuff is sooooo good! But I don't think many of you will be able to find any in your grocery store. It's locally made (in Homestead) and I found it in my favorite Wild Oats store.

Guava ice cream is deeelish! And guava wine ain't bad, either.

Can ya tell I like guavas?


SophieMae said...

DAWG! I can't remember the last time I had a guava! My grandmother had a tree in her back yard. What I'd give right now to go pick me a fresh guava.

Whole Foods in Sarasota and Winter Park carry Gaby's Farm. Mmmmm... me gusta guava!

ChrisB said...

Fancy tickling our taste buds then saying it can't be found!~ no use suggesting shipping to UK. I'll just have to pretend I can savour it!!

nikki said...

Yeah, thanks for making a pregnant lady drool only to find out she can't get it in Michigan! It's looks lovely!

Sayre said...

Oooo - that looks wonderful!

My aunt from Puerto Rico makes the most amazing guava pastry with powdered sugar on it. You cannot eat just one!

exoticdvm said...

I love that ice cream! The same stuff we got at the orchid festival at the Fruit & Spice Park. Delish!

VitaminSea said...

Really? you like quava? ;)

For some reason, when I saw the comment about the Fruit and Spice park, I got homesick for old Miami. :(

Anonymous said...

wanted to send you this link:

it's another blog i think you'll like...make sure and read her "Love Story"


Paula said...

i make guava pastelitos all the time...i find the guava in the mexican grocery that's here.